Shout out: "Not Another Music History Cliché!"

I keep finding myself coming back to Linda Shaver-Gleason's blog, Not Another Music History Cliché!, when I'm teaching (and on my own, too!). I keep sending my students there for examples of good, critical thinking and excellent "public musicology." And just good fun, too. Linda manages to mix expertly the serious and the comical and approaches some heavily ingrained misconceptions about music culture with a light hand and wonderful authority. A rare combination! 

Mozart has, for whatever reason accrued more than his fair share of popular myths (perhaps it's that unshakeable Salieri-as-murderer myth? #thanksAmadeus). This post is a perfect example of the mission of Not Another Music History Cliché! - enjoy!

Many Mozart Myths: A pauper’s grave, labor screams, and more!