Now in paperback...Mendelssohn Perspectives!

I was excited to receive a copy of Mendelssohn Perspectives in the mail today! That's the book of essays I edited with the lovely Nicole Grimes (who has recently joined us on this side of the Atlantic - finally! A win for America!) which first appeared in hardcover back in 2012. The publisher told us that titles that do well get reissued in paperback, so we were quite pleased to hear this news. 

Also, because Taylor & Francis bought Ashgate, the book is now technically published by Routledge even though it originally appeared with Ashgate - just to clear up any potential confusion on that!

Get yours now for the low low price of $41.81 on amazon! The hardcover on the publisher's website is $149.95 (a little cheaper on amazon, of course), so this new price should make this volume more accessible to more people - like me! I couldn't afford to buy my own book. I hope this book ends up on more shelves now; I would love to hear from you, dear reader, if you've been reading and have comments or questions!