Memory and Commemoration in Charleston, SC

I've just returned from a wonderful conference with the theme "Memory and Commemoration" hosted by the Nineteenth-Century Studies Association in Charleston, SC. A group of us put together a panel called "Sonic Memorialization: Music." The "music" designation was necessary since this was a broadly interdisciplinary conference; there were papers on everything from "Repatriation Through Discovery: Revisiting the 1605 Gunpowder Plot in Children’s Fourth of July Tales" by Steve Bellomy (Clarke University) to "Defeating Death with the Camera: The Thanatographic Photographer in the 1800s" by Joanna Madloch (Montclair State University). 

You can see in the titles of the papers, below, why we titled our panel "Sonic Memorialization." We had two papers on very public demonstrations of memory (mine and Wilson's) and two on very private expressions (Sholes and Carrier-McClimon). It was a constructive balance and stimulated a productive conversation. The delicious South Carolina BBQ that we enjoyed after the panel also stimulated some wonderful conversation! It was all too short a visit to lovely Charleston (a town with its own sense of memory, with a history stretching back to the late 17th century!). 

Vive la Révolution! French Expatriates in New York and Philadelphia
Jennifer C. H. J. Wilson, Westminster Choir College, Rider University

Zemlinsky’s Lyrische Symphonie: An Homage to Mahler
Angela Mace Christian, Colorado State University

Commemorative Birthday Pieces in Johannes Brahms’s Circle, 1853-1854
Jacquelyn Sholes, Boston University

Public Object, Private Memories: Robert Schumann’s "Erinnerung" of Felix Mendelssohn
Carolyn Carrier-McClimon, Furman University

Chair: Kunio Hara, University of South Carolina


Memory and Commemoration in Charleston, SC