Forthcoming/Current Publications

Musical Quarterly

“Authorship, Attribution, and the Historical Record: Solving the Mystery of the Easter Sonata by Fanny Hensel geb. Mendelssohn Bartholdy.”

This article, forthcoming in Musical Quarterly (volume/issue information TBA), offers the full, scholarly research behind the discovery and proper attribution of the “Easter Sonata.” Includes citations to the letters, diaries, and archival records, a brief analysis of the work, and images of the first two pages of the manuscript.

Grove Music Online/Oxford Music Online

A new, full-length article (ca. 30,000 words) with complete works list on Fanny Hensel geb. Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

This article has gone through peer review and revision and is currently in the pipeline for publication, pending the release schedule of the website.

Ars Lyrica

Christian was the head editor of Ars Lyrica: Journal of the Lyrica Society for Word-Music Relations. In this role, she received articles, solicited peer review, fully edited approved articles, and prepared them for text setting. She received book reviews from the reviews editor (Rebecca Geoffroy-Schwinden) and made final edits before approving the final volume for publication.

Two issues have just been published; these issues reflect the work of past head editors as well, as Christian accepted the position when these issues were in progress. 

Ars Lyrica 23 (2014) – published
Articles by Allan Atlas, John W. Barker, and Anne Lovering Rounds.
Book reviews by Bethany Cencer, Nicholas J. Chong, Jonathan Hicks, and Simon Keefe.

Ars Lyrica 24 (2015) – published
Articles by Daniel Albright, Elliott Antokoletz, and Scott Warfield.
Book reviews by Karen Cook, Mark Herman, Amanda Sewell, and Benedict Taylor.

Ars Lyrica 25 (2016)
Articles: currently sending articles to peer review.
Book reviews: book reviews editor currently receiving contracted reviews.